I am all about expressing a couple's distinctive personalities in all aspects of their wedding. My goal is just to make my clients happy, so I work with every kind of budget to create a day uniquely designed just for them. Many of my clients have become like my friends and family to me. I have enjoyed staying in touch with my couples and watching them move on to the next stages of their lives. I am from Myanmar and I love to work in creative fields. After years in corporate event planning and advertising, I wanted to create events that resonated on a more personal level with clients. I took the leap in 2010 and I started Lal Moya Wedding & Event Design. I have absolutely loved working with couples on one of the most important days of their lives. From weddings with 50 guests to weddings with over 350, in churches, hotels, and the great outdoors, I have done it all. I am very hardworking and excited to dive into the details, bringing a strong sense of design and extensive experience with planning to the big day. I listen carefully to the clients' guidance to help make it all come together for a great experience. I bring their vision to life and help make the big day stress-free.